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by msecadm4921

With more than 1000 sites, the McDonalds restaurant chain, as with many other chains in the UK, has had a fair share of unruly patrons, such as youths and homeless vagrants who harass or assault staff and disturb restaurant guests.

From the November retail supplement.

McDonalds wanted to protect the safety of their staff and the family customers. The quick service restaurant chain sought a CCTV solution that could handle remote monitoring of multiple retail sites from a central location. Their requirements also included audio-integration to be able to talk with offenders while visually monitoring their actions over a data network. The system also had to be compliant to the new BS8418 security standard, for the installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems.

McDonalds selected the ADPRO remote video monitoring product from Vision Systems. The ADPRO solution was initially installed at 20 restaurants in known troublesome areas. Multiple cameras at each site cover the interior and selected exterior areas. The cameras are connected to the ADPRO FastTrace unit that records and transmits the video to Visual Verification, the Cheshire-based UK central monitoring station. Each restaurant is also fitted with speakers and microphones for audio reproduction.

Control room staff can now keep an eye on each restaurant. If they see public disorder in a restaurant, or staff notify them of a problem customer by pressing a duress button, staff at the central monitoring station can connect to the video system and view live images of the incident. They can then use an audio connection to address the offenders; such as: "You in the blue baseball cap. You are causing disruption. Please leave the premises immediately or the police will be called".

The offenders as a rule leave. Word has got out, the restaurant chain adds, that those restaurants are to be avoided as a gathering place. Peter Bolton, Regional Security Manager with McDonalds says: "Within seconds of receiving an alarm notification our security staff can now intervene by a live voice response. This has reduced the time that an offender has to cause trouble to seconds, and in most cases they leave the restaurant immediately."

Since this security system has been installed, security-related incidents at McDonalds’ restaurants have decreased and this has, in turn, increased customer numbers, particularly young families. Peter Bolton adds: "The ADPRO security solution has contributed to increased repeat business from young families who want to enjoy a safe and positive McDonalds dining experience, free from disruption and intimidating behavior from youth gangs.” Staff too can also feel safe 24-7. Peter Bolton adds: "By implementing the ADPRO solution we have increased the safety and wellbeing of our employees. In turn this means higher staff retention, which again means that we are better able to serve our customers’ needs. ADPRO FastTrace has been a win-win solution for us.”

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