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Satellite Track

by msecadm4921

Masternaut Three X has launched a tracking service for plant and construction equipment using satellite surveillance. Called Masternaut Asset Track, a covert tracking device installed in the equipment transmits the location of the asset and communicates this via the internet.

This eye in the sky system prevents theft and, the firm says, minimises disruption to businesses that rely on constant availability of their assets to perform their jobs.

Real-time visibility

Using a web browser on a PC or hand held device, Asset Track users can see where their equipment is situated and whether or not it is in use. The moment it moves out of a pre-defined area, the system raises the alarm and notifies the customer via email or text message.

For plant hire companies, the system provides a record of usage for Pay-As-You-Use services. Customers are given invoices, backed by the system’s monitoring capability. In addition, because the ‘hirer’ is responsible for assets on loan to them they now also have peace of mind from knowing that the equipment is fitted with a real-time tracking device and in the event of it being stolen it can be traced and retrieved.

Asset Track

The two wire connection and integrated long-life back-up battery provide what the product company calls a fit-it-and-forget-it solution to tamperproof equipment tracking. Because Asset Track is based on Masternaut Three X technology, users will also benefit from lower insurance premiums and excesses, the firm adds.

"Masternaut Asset Track provides a simple and extremely effective method of location and recovery of stolen equipment. It is a foolproof system that gives instant warning of theft. It helps a customer retrieve their equipment and prevents them falling foul of opportunistic as well as organised criminals. In addition, customers can use the system to help prepare accurate itemised invoices for pay for use equipment hire. Asset Track provides a reliable way to accurately measure usage of the plant or equipment and thereby prevents disputes arising," said Martin Port, MD, Masternaut Three X.

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