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Scream Secured

by msecadm4921

Time was of the essence to secure art works including Munch’s The Scream, on loan to the Royal Academy of Arts (RAA) in London from the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The RAA had less than a week to install a new security system in its main galleries before the hanging of key works from the Munch Museum in Oslo for a loan exhibition, from September to December 2005. Famously, three key Munch works, including one of three original Scream paintings, were stolen recently from the Munch Museum in Oslo by masked gunmen. With no time to run cables in the listed building at Burlington House, one of the 12 wireless access points placed at the entrance to the main public galleries was used to provide an encrypted network connection to AXIS 206W wireless network cameras. They covered key exit points from the main galleries. David Vobes, facilities manager, summed up: "Having our new surveillance system running over IP enabled us to extend the system rapidly via the wireless access points without damaging the fabric of the building, thereby avoiding major capital outlay. No less importantly, with [integrator Computer Network Limited] CNL’s assistance, we created a system which reliably delivers high quality images helping us meet modern high specification requirements to protect works of art which often cost millions.” CNL worked with RAA’s IT and facilities staff to provide output from existing cameras to RAA’s network via AXIS 241Q video server blades. James Condron, sales and marketing manager at CNL, said: "Axis has an extremely strong portfolio of technology allowing us to meet and respond to our customers needs. The AXIS 206W was ideal to meet the requirements for this part of the project whilst their codecs provided the platform to seamlessly integrate with the RAA’s existing analogue infrastructure – providing a highly-efficient and cost-effective surveillance network." With new network cameras installed on the RAA’s roofs, foyer and administrative offices, the RAA now has a surveillance system designed to meet the highest standards requested by museums loaning work to them, the Museums Libraries & Archives Council and the Home Office.

What they say

Steve Gorski, managing director of Axis Communications (UK) Ltd, said: "The installation at the RAA by CNL demonstrates how our wireless and wired network cameras can work together with our video server technology to create a secure site using a mixture of traditional analogue-based CCTV cameras and state-of-the-art wireless networking infrastructure. The outcome is a system which has cost effectively enabled the RAA to migrate to IP-Surveillance whilst upgrading their system to meet dynamically changing security requirements."

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