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SECC Blocker

by msecadm4921

Persistent problems with vehicles blocking the emergency access to the UK’s largest integrated exhibition and conference centre, the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) was more than an inconvenience. It threatened to put lives at risk.

The installation of two Surface Mounted Road Blockers from APT Controls – the UK vehicle access control company – has resolved the problem, the firm says.
APT Controls reports a relationship with the SECC that goes back over 15 years, with the installation of access control equipment in its nine car parks. SECC contacted APT Controls when a route across the SECC site, reserved for emergency vehicles and VIPs, was persistently being blocked by unauthorised vehicles using it as a cut through.
Front of House Manager, Colin McCartney says: “With over 1.5 million visitors each year we could ill-afford to have this vital route blocked by parked cars and others using the route illegally. Just on a practical level we needed to ensure that vital emergency vehicles could gain unrestricted access to the centre at all times of the day. We approached APT Controls who suggested the Surface Mounted Road Blocker. With the close proximity of Rangers FC ground, we often found the area clogged with vehicles, particularly at weekends, which proved a big problem for us especially when we had a major event on. Before the installation of the two Surface Mounted Road Blockers we were forced to tie-up staff on match days. The Surface Mounted Road Blockers have transformed the way we manage vehicle access on site.”
Integrated with the main control room, the two Surface Mounted Road Blockers at the two entrances are monitored via CCTV 24-7. This now enables emergency vehicles and VIPs to gain access while restricting unauthorised vehicles.
The Surface Mounted Road Blocker’s appearance makes it suitable for closing-off car parks within municipalities and on business premises. Furthermore, the Blocker is a blockade that is far less vulnerable to vandalism than a barrier and is designed to accommodate all axle weights.
Surface mounting the Blocker reduces the installation time, costs and disruption to businesses, the makers claim. Colin McCartney adds: “We have a very good working relationship with APT Controls and I have been impressed by the work that has been undertaken. The installation went smoothly and the APT engineers have been very responsive to any problems that have arisen. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend APT Controls, as I consider them to be a very reliable company.”

APT Controls managing director, Tony Girard added: “The Surface Mounted Road Blocker is proving a very successful addition to the APT range. We are delighted to be working with SECC and are very pleased to be having such a positive impact. We look forward to continuing working with the SECC in the future.”

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