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Ship Alert

by msecadm4921

In the US, Weathernews is offering a ship security alert system (SSAS).

The company says that marine Risk Communicators are available 24x7x365, monitoring all alarms that are activated through its Asset Surveillance & Alarm Program (ASAP). Companies using ASAP now have the peace of mind that if one of their vessels is compromised or under threat, they will be notified by Weathernews personnel immediately, the firm says.

Now that hardware from trusted manufacturers is widely available to the market, and companies are beginning to successfully implement reliable SSAS systems, Weathernews says there is a need for a human approach to potential maritime emergencies. The firm says that while some basic SSAS hardware systems offer an automated notification when an alarm is activated, companies never can be sure that they will receive the message. Additionally, if this basic hardware system does not have a polling service associated with it, the vessel cannot be tracked after an alarm is activated, making it very difficult for authorities to find the compromised vessel at sea. If the vessel is not found, it is much more likely to reach port unsupervised.

What they say

"Terrorists don’t necessarily adhere to a convenient schedule for shipping companies," said Marshall Johnson, Vice President of Operations at Weathernews Americas Inc. "If a vessel is threatened, it may be at night when the responsible security officer is home sleeping. In this case, the officer will want to be notified by phone that the vessel is in need of help, and Weathernews’ staff will make sure he gets the message." In emergency situations, operations professionals need a trusted hardware solution, but they also need trusted emergency services. According to John J. Callaghan Jr., Manager of Fleet Operations of Transoceanic Cable Ship Company (TCSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco Telecommunications, "Weathernews has provided TCSC with Optimum Ship Routing, Tracking, and Position Polling services for five years, and we’ve become accustomed to the personal attention we receive from their staff. We rely on Weathernews as a trusted partner to provide that same level of commitment and service if an ASAP alarm is activated."

Weathernews’ ASAP system is a simple, stand-alone SSAS that enables ship owners to comply with the IMO’s regulation, it is claimed. ASAP is Type Approved by Class Societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). It is an Internet-enabled interactive tool that is simple-to-install and easy-to-use, the makers claim.

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