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SIA Op Runaway

by msecadm4921

An unlicensed doorman ran from the scene as Security Industry Authority investigators and licensing officers from Westminster City Council conducted compliance checks on Friday night, July 10.

By law, all door staff must hold a valid SIA licence and display this while working.

As part of the random compliance operation, 40 door staff working at Westminster pubs and bars were checked to ensure they were properly licensed. Some 39 individuals held valid SIA licences.

One door supervisor was found working without an SIA licence, a Section 3 offence under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The individual ran away when they realised checks were taking place.

Christy Hopkins, an SIA Head of investigation said:“Overall, I am delighted that compliance was so high. This sends a positive and reassuring message to the public that door staff working in their local venues are professional and qualified to do their job.

“We will be following up with the security company that deployed the unlicensed door supervisor and will decide on the appropriate action to take.”

Kevin Mason, Operations Manager at Westminster City Council said: “This joint operation between Westminster City Council and the SIA supports our determination to ensure that only licensed SIA Door Supervisors are employed at licensed premises in Westminster.”

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