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by msecadm4921

The GW8600 product, by Virtual Access, is designed, the firm says, for companies who provide remote video services via ISDN or leased line connection.

This product allows security monitoring centres to perform remote CCTV surveillance via a single broadband connection, according to the manufacturers, while meeting the latest security transmission standards for Intruder (PD6662) and CCTV systems (BS8418).

Traditionally this CCTV information has been transmitted over narrowband ISDN or costly leased lines, the firm says. The GW8600 platform substantially reduces end customer costs by enabling fixed price Broadband services to be exploited for these sophisticated applications, it is claimed.

The product, according to the makers, simplifies the integration of IP networking and security services by creating a self contained security network which can be managed independently to a customer’s IT network, according to the firm. The GW8600 integrates a centrally managed ADSL firewall/router appliance with the Webwayone 2424 security services interface.

What they say

Nigel Ifill, Sales Director at Virtual Access said: "The GW8600 allows the security monitoring industry to fully exploit broadband services for both CCTV and Intruder alarm monitoring. The benefits that you would usually expect from broadband, a faster and more cost effective always on connection, now become the means for substantial ISDN call cost reduction in CCTV monitoring applications. By channelling data from alarm panels and pictures from video cameras over a secure broadband connection, alarm receiving centres receive both visual verification of alarms and a complete real-time picture of the situation on-site."

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