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by msecadm4921

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced adds to the new Hitachi IT Operations Director. The makers describe it as fully integrated IT lifecycle management software that simply administers security management, asset management and software distribution. New features include remote control, network access control and Windows update control capabilities.

The software delivers the information and control that businesses need to effectively manage assets and remain compliant, keep computers and confidential information secure and efficiently manage time while making the best use of limited IT resources.

According to the company, IT Operations Director can increase asset management efficiency by tracking and reporting detailed information about online and offline assets. It also enhances the security of the IT environment by minimising the threat of information disclosure and identifying risks. The product now includes network access control and Windows update control. Network access control allows an administrator to block and quarantine devices when necessary and also keeps unauthorised computers and those that do not meet security policies off the network. Windows update control efficiently manages and distributes Windows patches to help keep servers and clients protected.

“Effectively managing security and assets is critical for IT organisations with limited resources,” said Frank Amato, director, Global Sales and Marketing, IT Operations Software, Hitachi Data Systems. “Tackling the ability to manage change, control and enforce policies and automate processes can be challenging in an ever changing environment. The new features of IT Operations Director will help businesses achieve new levels of control, protection and efficiency by allowing them to better manage security through network access control and Windows update control. They also save time and money using remote control to troubleshoot computer issues.”

Hitachi IT Operations Director is now available and can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial.

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