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by msecadm4921

Pointsec Mobile Technologies released Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.1, a new version of its security software for mobile devices running Symbian OS, adding support also for the new Nokia 9300 smartphone.

Pointsec says the product offers data protection for the Nokia 9500 Communicator and the new Nokia 9300 smartphone and other devices running the Symbian operating system. Any data residing in files and folders is automatically encrypted in real time, with no user intervention required. Email and SMS data can also be encrypted and decrypted on the fly.

What they say

"Pointsec’s support for the Nokia 9500 Communicator and the new Nokia 9300 testifies to our commitment to the Symbian platform. Nokia Communicators and smartphones are leading-edge business tools, and our solutions enhance these devices to meet enterprise security requirements, combining ease of use and strong data protection with first-rate management features," said Peter Larsson, CEO, Pointsec Mobile Technologies. Information stored on PDAs and smartphones is usually completely unprotected, or protected only through elementary access control, the firm says. This weakness can become a serious issue if an unprotected device is lost or stolen. Once in place, Pointsec for Symbian OS automatically encrypts all files before they are stored, and decrypts them when opened by an authenticated user – a process that is automatic and fully transparent to the user and which does not noticeably affect performance.

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