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Speed Dome

by msecadm4921

Conway Security Products has concluded what it’s termed a busy 12 months of product development with the launch of the new and updated CD-601 speed dome.

That completes a range which includes the vandal-resistant Titan domes and the Heritage II architectural dome.

Development of the CD-601 has followed the same principles as all of the company’s recent product launches. The unit it’s claimed is simple to install, easy to set up, has a low cost of ownership and delivers images across various conditions.

A three-part design allows fitting on ceilings, swan-neck, wall or pendant brackets. The enclosure has ample cable entry positions ensuring that there are options for cable entry regardless of any restrictions the nature of the application may impose.

Set-up has been streamlined for the installer; the CD-601 has auto-baud rate detect and auto-protocol detect. Once the unit is wired and addressed it is ready to use.

The firm says that it is aware that creating products with low energy consumption makes economic and environmental sense. The CD-601 uses modern stepper motors that are it’s claimed far more efficient than traditional DC motors and offer superior speed combined with more accurate performance.

Completing the package is the principal element, the camera. A choice of 18x, 23x or 36x zoom modules is available, so ensuring that a spectrum of applications can be covered by one dome design. This is important from a service and maintenance perspective as well as giving a site consistent visual aesthetics.

Conway adds that it is part of a small, diminishing band of CCTV manufacturers who design, develop and fabricate their products completely in-house. Having all these facilities at its factory in High Wycombe allows it, the company says, to adopt emerging technologies far quicker than if different disciplines are outsourced to others. ?

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