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Suicide Seminar

by msecadm4921

Understanding suicide terrorism is the title of a seminar at RUSI on November 3, in London.

The ever-increasing threat from suicide terrorism demands our attention as the primary contemporary security threat facing the nation, accoring to the organisers.  A series of workshops examining this phenomenon begins with an analysis of the background and drivers of suicide terrorism and strategies to counter it.  A subsequent workshop next year will examine front-line issues of intelligence, detection and confrontation in countering potential suicide terrorists.

Suicide terrorism is not irrational, nor is it driven simply by religion, nihilism or ‘evil’; it is a tactical weapon of those fighting a stronger conventional enemy. Such misperceptions and misrepresentations of its character may poorly serve counter-terrorism policy-making. To defeat it we should seek to understand its roots, how its driving motivations promulgate, the dependencies of its capabilities and requirements for strategic success, the organisers say.

Confirmed speakers

Speakers invited include Detective Inspector Robert Lambert, Head, Muslim Contact Unit, New Scotland Yard; Prof Andrew Silke, International Counter-terrorism Advisor and Director of Terrorism Studies, University of East London; Dr Peter R. Neumann, Director, Centre for Defence Studies, Kings College, London; Dr John Horgan, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; Dr David Sloggett, Defence Strategy Director, Space and Defence, LogicaCMG;Dr Lindsay Clutterbuck, Rand Europe;Professor Mia Bloom, University of Cincinnati, Author of ‘Dying to Win: The Allure of Suicide Terrorism’; Yoram Schweitzer, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS), Tel Aviv; and Yasar Qatarneh, Director, Regional Centre on Conflict Prevention (RCCP), Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, Amman-Jordan Agenda.

For further information on this event or to discuss sponsorship opportunities ring Garry Hindle on 0207 747 2646 or email [email protected]

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