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Summer Concerts

by msecadm4921

Summer concerts in London’s Hyde Park spanned six weeks and required a dedicated security team on site throughout.

The approach to crowd management had to reflect the dramatically different audience profiles for the acts. The three Red Hot Chili Pepper shows were a rock audience, including crowd surfing. The Party In The Park audience was a family audience – many had never been to concerts before. A quarter of the audience for the Simon & Garfunkel concert was seated in front of the stage, a different logistical challenge. Showsec made the security plan for the backstage, two front-of-stage barriers and the viewing area between known as the golden circle. With experience of work in the Royal Parks, the Showsec management team arrived on site on June 8, straight from the Download Festival. As the build-up to the first June 19 concert, they co-ordinated the traffic management plan, set up a one-way system whereby all vehicles were logged, searched and escorted on and off the site, and secured the perimeter fence. Project Managers Simon Battersby, Mark Logan and Steve Reynolds led a 240 strong team on show-days to cover backstage hospitality areas, the primary and secondary stage barriers, the golden circle and its entrances and exits. For the Chili Peppers and Party in the Park events, the secondary stage barriers had up to 65,000 people behind them. Showsec’s Southern Regional Manager, Simon Battersby said: "We have enjoyed a great relationship with Clear Channel’s John Probyn and Andy Pearson in implementing a long and sensitive security plan over the weeks; I think our management and staff who were on site should be proud of their achievements.”

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