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Swift Bike Thefts

by msecadm4921

Criminal teams can steal motorcycles within seconds, the National Criminal Intelligence Service says.

Criminal teams can steal motorcycles within seconds, the National Criminal Intelligence Service says. London is the hotspot for such crime by police force, and Westminster the London borough hot-spot. Steven Powell, Head of the Project Team for NCIS’s Organised Vehicle Crime Section, said: “The motorcycle rider has changed dramatically over recent years, moving from young people on older machines to older, professional people with high-powered, expensive bikes. It is a lucrative market and OVCS has discovered extensive networks of thieves operating regionally, nationally and internationally. Recovery rates are much lower than for cars, yet motorcycle crime commands much less attention from law enforcement. Our confirmation that bikers lose many hundreds of valuable bikes each month will make depressing reading for police officers and motorcycle enthusiasts, but it will also help them make informed decisions on bike security. Urban centres are worst hit, due to the ease with which criminal groups can clear motorcycles from designated stands. One modus operandi is simple but effective. The criminals drive a large van up to a motorcycle. Accomplices open the van door, thrust scaffolding poles through the wheels, and lift the bike into their vehicle. It takes as little as 20 seconds to steal a bike worth œ10,000, and only 16 per cent of stolen bikes are recovered. More research is needed to build the definitive picture of motorcycle crime, but NCIS’s intelligence suggests that, while the 600 bikes stolen each month may be rung, raced or exported, the majority are split for parts to feed the thriving black market in spares. We hope that this report will increase awareness of motorcycle crime hotspots and encourage increased security at all levels. As part of Project Contrail, NCIS is working with UK police forces at major motorcycle shows, not only targeting criminal groups, but also those who knowingly use stolen parts in their machines. We believe that targeted intelligence-led operations will deal with high volume thieves and handlers and take away their ability to continue their business. In their turn, bikers should, where possible, be wary about leaving their machines unsecured at the roadside, and councils should invest in ground anchors, which have been shown to decrease motorcycle crime.? See

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