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Swipe Sensor

by msecadm4921

Fingerprint Cards is extending its participation with Texas Instruments to a new swipe sensor development kit.

Fingerprint Cards AB (Gothenburg) announced that it will now provide its swipe sensor technology and algorithms for inclusion on the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) digital signal processing-based fingerprint authentication development tool (FADT). The new TI tool features fingerprint sensor technologies with a small footprint and a low component cost.

The new swipe sensor development tool (TMDSFDCFPC31) supports the TI TMS320C55x DSP generation, featuring dedicated signal processing instructions and computational units specialized for the processing needs of biometric applications. These are well-suited, according to the firms, for low power, portable devices used for personal biometrics, such as in automobiles, gun safes, law enforcement or immigration handheld scanners, PDAs and mobile computers. This development follows TI’s initial launch of the first FADT (TMDSFDCFPC10) in 2003 which features the Fingerprint Cards area sensor FCP1010. With these kits, TI’s development partners and customers considering DSP-based platforms can easily evaluate a choice of fingerprint sensors and verification algorithms on one host platform.

Fingerprint Cards DAD algorithm is one of the most compact (8Kb) fingerprint algorithms on the biometric technology market, capable of operating on a range of industry platforms including TI DSPs. The company’s swipe sensor methodology received European patent approval at the end of 2003. The FPC1031 swipe sensor is an example of Fingerprint Cards’ Certus Sensor Platform architecture, a patented core sensor design. The FADT kits are available through TI distributors and the TI e-Store.

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