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Tenant ASBOs

by msecadm4921

New regulations laid before Parliament in January give Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) powers to apply for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

The Government says it is part of its Respect programme about giving people power and a sense of ownership over their services and public spaces. Tenant Management Organisations and Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) already have responsibility for the day-to-day running of the homes in their area such as rent collection, house allocations and lettings. The new powers – the Local Authorities (contracting out of Anti-Social Behaviour Order Functions) (England)  Order 2006 – will give local residents a greater say, it is claimed, in how their estates are run and support them in ensuring that disruptive, anti-social behaviour is dealt with.

ASBOs – a court order prohibiting a person from specific anti-social acts or from certain areas - could be used against, the authorities say, noisy neighbours to nuisance, harassment and race hate crime, with a maximum of five years in prison if breached. There will be safeguards to ensure the new powers are used responsibly, but, where a TMO has been assessed as competent, the Government says it sees no reason why it should not be delegated ASBO functions.

What PM says

Prime Minister Tony Blair said: “No-one knows better how to transform a community than the people that live there. Nothing undermines a sense of community more than the kind of disruptive and aggressive actions that we associate with anti-social behaviour. Local people are increasingly playing a bigger role in the decisions that affect them and the areas in which they live. The new extended powers will ensure that those people who are most affected by anti-social behaviour can take the swift action that is needed to stamp it out.”


Hazel Harding, chair of the Local Government Association’s Safer Communities board, welcomed the news. She said: Giving local people the power to make a positive contribution to their community will provide a real shot in the arm in the fight against anti-social behaviour. Tackling anti-social behaviour often requires the help of a number of different groups of people, and councils will continue to work closely with residents to stamp out the yobbish behaviour which too often blights the lives of decent, law-abiding people. Councils will make sure these new front-line powers are used in the best interests of the community, giving local people the support and resources they need to stop anti-social behaviour before it starts. Councillors are elected to put local people first, and these new powers for residents will make sure that they have a real, positive impact on their local communities."

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