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Tenth Anniversary

by msecadm4921

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, CCTV manufacturers TeleEye Europe Limited / TeleEye Group are offering the industry a special sales promotion.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, TeleEye Europe Limited / TeleEye Group is offering the industry a special sales promotion on its series of video transmitters including TeleEye III+ VX, VR and DT from October to December 2004. In each of the months, the Group will feature a particular product series for the promotion. For more details on the 10th anniversary sales promotion, please call 0118 953 3707 or e-mail [email protected]

Quiz online

Also, the "Discover TeleEye" Online Quiz will be continued on a bi-weekly basis until December 20, the Group will post one question every fortnight to demonstrate some facts about TeleEye. All the participants need to do is to enter the quiz and have a chance to win a TeleEye related prize.

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