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by msecadm4921

Terrorism in the UK: a workshop on radicalisation

This workshop, say the insitute organisers, will develop the debate surrounding the terrorist threat faced in the UK and in particular, the concept of ‘radicalisation’. Presentations are by academics and practitioners including Bill Durodié, Senior Lecturer in Risk and Security, Resilience Centre, Cranfield University, Wiltshire.

Organisers add that there is no single cause explaining the terrorist threat faced in the UK. Nor is there any discernible set of rules or conditions describing why some individuals become involved in activity culminating in violence against the state, it is claimed.

Instead, multifarious factors, none of which are sufficient and not all necessary, combine to facilitate the journey down a particular path. This process, which has become known as the ‘radicalisation process’, as a consequence offers little promise as a encompassing concept to analysts and policy-makers.

The greater value lies in dissecting the various notions and components of ‘radicalisation’, examining where they apply and in what context. By doing so we can extract and develop elements to improve investigation, intelligence, communications and relevant social conditions. This workshop aims to develop the debate in this area.

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