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Detailed are the one day workshops Pangbourne-based ARC Training are running for the rest of the year, all at the trainers’ venue of the Swan Hotel, Streatley-on-Thames, Berkshire (about an hour from London).

Cost is £450 per delegate to include hand-outs, certificate, lunch and refreshments.
September 26, Kidnap Risk Reduction and Response. 

This one-day workshop aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the growing threat from kidnap, especially that undertaken for economic or ideological purposes, and the measures which need to be taken by the business to reduce this risk, to discharge its duty of care.  It provides an overview of the main risk hotspots, risk reduction advice and appropriate response to kidnap claims.  This programme is aimed at those responsible in a business for organising or coordinating overseas travel to areas in which there is an increased risk of kidnap.  It is also of value to travelling staff.
September 27, Business Continuity Management.

An overview of the planning, processes and resources necessary to create, develop and maintain a corporate-wide business continuity mechanism, capable of ensuring operational integrity in the event of a crisis.
This programme is designed for senior and middle managers of all disciplines.
October 1, Business Espionage and Investigating Information Leaks

Presented by a business espionage investigator with a background in government security, this one-day workshop will enable delegates to develop proactive business-wide countermeasures to reduce the risks of business espionage and information leaks and to respond appropriately and proportionately to information loss incidents, with due regard to criminal and civil law.
This event is designed for any manager responsible for, or involved in, the protection of corporate information assets, and for any person involved in the investigation of such.
October 15

Security Risk Management

This workshop explores in particular the relationship between probability, impact and manageability of risks and looks at ways in which these three variables can be influenced.  This workshop provides a foundation on which a corporate security risk management programme can be built. Any manager with an interest in how to classify and evaluate security risks using a range of standard methodologies.
October 22, Business Travel Security

This workshop provides an overview of the most prevalent overseas security risks facing the business traveller and presents a range of best practices to deal with each.  Aimed at anybody within a business who has a legitimate interest in the security of overseas business travellers – this may include line managers, security staff and travellers themselves.
November 22, Information and IT Security Management

This programme, though non-technical in nature, provides a solid overview of the management processes involved and the measures necessary to counter various types of information loss.  This workshop is designed is directed at both security professionals and those from other disciplines responsible for protecting the information asset.
November 26, Protection Against Explosive Devices

This workshop is aimed at providing delegates with an awareness of the functions and characteristics of the main types of improvised explosive devices, and the countermeasures necessary to confront each.  This workshop is aimed at employees at all levels who may find themselves in a position whereby they have to respond to the threat of a terrorist improvised explosive device.
November 27, Crisis Management

This event provides delegates with the foundations for crisis management system planning and will enable delegates to contribute to their respective corporate crisis management mechanisms.  Includes a half-day exercise.  Designed for a range of managers, from those responsible for the preparation, coordination and maintenance of crisis management plans to those taking part in crisis management teams.

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