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by msecadm4921

Medical equipment manufacturer Freeway Medical is being supplied with electronic cabinet locks for medical trolleys and patient lockers for the NHS and private sector from the manufacturer of standalone locks, Codelocks.

CL1000 right hand horizontal locks and CL1000 standard vertical locks have been supplied to Freeway Medical and are offered as a keyless form of access control to medical trolley installations and ICU patient lockers.

On the use of Codelocks systems on medical equipment, Ian Jones from Freeway Medical said: "We previously used seven lever leverlocks with keys sourced from China; however we found them to be of very low quality. Freeway Medical decided to switch to Codelocks as a cost effective, convenient alternative as the keypad access system means keys are not required for hospital staff members. The CL1000 is the best lock on the market for this application and is designed specifically for cupboards, cabinets and lockers."

The CL1000 has three programme levels. The Master Code can be used to put the lock into two modes of operation; the Multiple User Code mode is a default setting which can be repeatedly used to open the lock; and the One-Time User Code mode in which the lock can be locked and opened once before the code is erased for the new user to enter a new code. This latter mode is for units that have multiple short-term occupancy such as cabinets housing patient belongings in hospitals.
The cabinet locks have been installed on custom designed medical equipment for the new Cardio Thoracic Critical Care Unit opening at The John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford, with facilities to accommodate a computer based patient monitoring system.

The top drawers of the units are used to store non-controlled patient drugs and patient belongings and so required a high quality locking device. The CL1000 has also been used on medical equipment for the University College Hospital in London. These units required a large lockable drawer at the bottom of the unit to accommodate patient belongings.

The CL1000 electronic cabinet lock with the new 10 digit keypad is a retrofit for cam locks or fits to units that do not have an existing lock. The lock is powered by two 1.5 volt AA batteries which will provide an excess of 15,000 openings before the lock will signal low battery to the user via a flashing red LED. The lock has a battery failure override function meaning users can gain access by placing a PP9 battery on contact points surrounding the LED’s and entering the Master Code and the non-volatile memory retains settings when batteries are changed.

Codelocks adds that its range of mechanical and electronic locks provide solutions for a range of access control applications such as key cabinets, medical cabinets, hazardous material cupboards and first aid cabinets in a number of settings including schools, hospitals and local authorities. For further infomation email

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