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Two-door Controller

by msecadm4921

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of a DESFire two-door controller solution.

Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director for Belfast-based CEM said: “With the threats of card cloning and the vulnerabilities of Wiegand controller signal cloning growing strong within the security market, CEM is delighted to announce the release of the new sPass reader and DCM 350 two-door controller with secure RS485 encrypted communications. Developed as an end to end secure solution, these new CEM products have designed out these security vulnerabilities with the added benefit of an affordable price.”

CEM sPass reader is a contactless smart card reader with powerful 3DES (Triple DES) encryption. Available as a keypad or non-keypad option, the sPass reader connects to the new DCM 350 intelligent two-door controller, which uses encrypted RS485 communications to the sPass reader. This effectively the firm says eliminates the threat and vulnerabilities of controller signal cloning. The DCM 350 (Door Control Module) features an intelligent database for offline card validation. Operating in offline mode, the DCM 350 can hold up to 200,000 cards. It can be configured to support two sPass readers on two separate doors with optional Exit push buttons, or can be configured to support two sPass readers on a single door for Entry/Exit control. It is available in two options – the sDCM 350 supports serial devices or the eDCM 350 supports IP devices.

The firm has also introduced a new contactless 13.56 MHz DESFire smart card to eliminate the threat of card cloning. Each card has different sets of encrypted keys that are securely stored on the card for high levels of security. CEM pre-personalises the card memory for customer convenience and cost efficiency. This offers customers a smart card solution, without the cost of card personalisation and key/filing management, the company says. The CEM DESFire smart card can hold up to 28 security applications such as access control and cashless vending, and 32 files per application.

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