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UV Keyrings

by msecadm4921

As part of a Hampshire forcewide ‘Safer Streets’ campaign, Aldershot Police are launching a new initiative to help stop underage drinkers getting into pubs and clubs.

They will be handing out special keyrings to doorstaff which have a UV light on them. They can use the light to check people’s ID and make sure that it is not forged.

Fake IDs are often used by those under 18 trying to gain entry to the town’s licenced premises so they can drink alcohol. The UV light will highlight watermarks and other security measures which show whether an ID is genuine.

It is hoped the new system will help stop underage drinkers getting drunk and causing a nuisance in the town and also assist the pubs and clubs avoid fines and the possibility of losing their licence if people under 18 are found drinking alcohol on their premises.

The idea is being backed by local licencees and Rushmoor Borough Council who have recently taken over from the magistrates court the licensing of premises selling alcohol.

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