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Vetting And Screening Event

by msecadm4921

In uncertain times, it is more crucial than ever that your pre-employment vetting and screening policy weeds out undesirable, illegal and criminal applicants.

Implementing a robust national and international vetting and screening policy ensures that your organisation will be protected from criminal activity. So say BFI, organisers of the ninth Annual Employee Vetting and Screening Conference and Workshops, on September 26-27, at Novotel London West, London W6.

The event will give workable and up to date legislative developments that will affect your hiring policy, the organisers add. On September 26 run two separate workshops: a region-by-region guide to global pre-employment vetting and screening; and writing, implementing and communicating a legal and robust global vetting policy.

To request a brochure or for more details email [email protected]

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