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Video Shames

by msecadm4921

Images of men and women involved in drunkenness, violence and disorder and captured on video camera have been released by Northumbria Police.

Footage released from static and mobile cameras, mostly from the late spring bank holiday but some over the last few months, show an alarming array of bad behaviour, ranging from groups of men or women fighting and teenagers drinking alcopops through to a man urinating in a shop doorway and a couple having sex on the pavement. On another street a woman slumps senseless.

" This footage demonstrates exactly why we are coming down hard on people who cause trouble," says Northumbria Police Chief Constable Mike Craik. " These people, often worse the wear for drink or drugs, behave as if they have the right to do whatever they like on our streets. Well they don’t. The party’s over for people who make any street in any town or city a no-go area for decent, law-abiding people. I promised we would get tough and we are doing just that."

The force reports that hundreds of people have been arrested for drunkenness, violence and disorder since the campaign began on May 26. The footage comes from either static CCTV systems or cameras on police cycle helmets. ‘The party’s over’ is part of Chief Constable Mike Craik’s pledge on total policing to tackle crime and disorder at all levels. Meanwhile Northumbria Police has engaged Dipsticks, a local market research company, to conduct telephone surveys about crime and safety.

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