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Watermark ID

by msecadm4921

For most applications, ID cards are used to provide security by identifying individuals, so if cards could be easily copied, that would defeat the purpose of issuing cards in the first place! Added card security features are therefore commonly used to prevent card copying and falsification. Ultra Electronics report.


A feature with Magicard ID card printers is the ability to embed an anti-copying watermark across the entire card’s surface that becomes visible when the card is tilted. Colour cards are printed using a Thermal transfer YMCKO dye film, the clear ‘O’ panel is an Overcoat layer that is applied to protect the card’s image from wear and fading.

The HoloKote pattern is ‘frosted’ into this overcoat at time of printing. This is a unique patented Magicard feature, and, unlike most other security logos, such as expensive holographic ribbons, involves no extra cost. It’s all done in your printer, at your convenience, and is printed on any plastic card. By default, a standard HoloKote pattern is printed. For extra security, with printers such as the Magicard Rio 2e and Tango 2e, you can have your own custom HoloKote or HoloKote FLEX® pattern created for you.

Gold Patches

HoloPatch® cards have a highly reflective gold ‘super diffuser seal. When used with The HoloKote anti-counterfeiting watermark feature, the security mark is highlighted on the gold seal and can be spotted at a distance by a security guard or reception staff.

Visit to find out more about HoloKote and HoloPatch visual security system or follow this link –

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