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Westminster Launch

by msecadm4921

Police in central London have launched their £150,000 mobile CCTV unit.

Police in Westminster, with Covent Garden London, Sony and First Security have a converted Mercedes van with CCTV cameras, recording equipment and LCD screens to better monitor street crime. Commander Simon Bray, the head of Police in Westminster, on May 7 unveiled the dedicated CCTV vehicle in Covent Garden. The vehicle offers 360-degree coverage. Police say that the ability to deploy the vehicle rapidly will enable officers to obtain footage of incidents as they occur and to quickly identify people involved or leaving the vicinity.

When deployed to major incidents, it also can be used as a command centre, for senior officers to coordinate at the scene. The vehicle will be deployed to areas where crime is known to happen. Images can be recorded for up to 12 hours at a time and retrieved from a hard drive. It can be locked and parked in an area without needing to be manned by officers, providing a visible deterrent to criminals to reassure the public. First Security, the London-based guarding contractor, paid for the vehicle and its number plate P999 SEE; Covent Garden London funded the conversion costs of making the vehicle operational, while Sony fitted it out with products.

Record, review and manage

Two cameras – the SNC-DM160 Mega Pixel Mini Dome camera and the SNC-RX570P/Outdoor PTZ camera – allow operators to monitor activity and zoom in on specific areas of interest; while Sony Bravia TV Screens enable operators to view images as they are sourced. Realshot Manager Software completes the process by managing all content. Commander Bray said: “The van is a real asset and will make a very visible difference to policing in the West End, helping to tackle crime and disorder in the area. Westminster remains one of the safest places to visit in the world and we expect this new equipment will help make it even safer for the millions of people who visit, live and work in the area.”

Ros Barclay, Head of Marketing of Covent Garden London, said: “We are delighted to support this initiative with Westminster Police. Covent Garden, with its accessibility and pedestrianised Piazza, is an area known for offering hassle-free shopping and dining, so this new tool in policing should further improve the visitor experience. Mike Crump, Managing Director of First Security said: “We have enjoyed a long and successful period of protecting businesses, people and assets throughout the East End and this significant investment reflects our continued commitment to security at the highest level.” Simon Nash, head of video security, Sony Professional Europe, said: “From the initial tracking to the review and management of the data, this combination of Sony Professional technology will enable Westminster Police to run a complete video surveillance process from a mobile unit. We are confident that it will improve policing in the Westminster area.”

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