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Workshops For Investigators

by msecadm4921

How to find open source intelligence? is the topic of workshops in April. aimed at those involved in the prevention and investigation of financial crime.

They are facing ever-increasing demands. New legislation such as The Bribery Act, and the steady flow of regulatory updates, mean that over-stretched teams in compliance, antimoney laundering, financial crime, fraud and investigations departments may feel that they are swimming against a very unhelpful tide. How to find the data you need, on the internet?

The workshop organisers say that most internet users use highly ineffective search techniques and aren’t equipped to analyse their search results properly. This wastes time, and means that a lot of potentially relevant information is missed.

Typing two-word searches into Google (which is what most users do) is fine, up to a point – but 95 per cent of “hidden” ‘Deep Web’ information is also publicly available – and free.

Leading the workshop is David Toddington (

The event sponsor is Commercial Security International For details contact the event organisers, The Conference Network. Ring: 020 8847 4074. Or email: [email protected]

Full information:

Monday 11th April 2011
London Chamber of Commerce,
33 Queen Street,
London EC4R 1AP

Wednesday 13th April 2011
The Studio Manchester,
The Hive, 51 Lever Street,
Manchester M1 1RN

Friday 15th April 2011
The Studio Birmingham,
7 Cannon Street,
Birmingham B2 5EP

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