Travel assistance apps not downloaded

by Mark Rowe

Travel assistance apps add a layer of protection for business travellers; they can provide real-time security alerts and access to security and medical help. Despite near half (49pc) of travellers having access to an app, only one in six (18pc) business travellers have downloaded it, according to a travel risk management company.

An Opinium survey of 500 UK business travellers, commissioned by World Travel Protection (WTP), part of the Zurich Insurance Group, finds that while over half (53pc) of business travellers say work travel comes with more risks now, they seem reluctant to utilise new technology. That uptake is surprising, according to WTP, as one in five appear aware of the app’s benefits saying it would give them piece of mind and they would feel safe knowing the app could track their whereabouts (20pc). One in five (19pc) also say their family would feel comforted knowing they had this level of support when travelling.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Regional Security Director, EMEA, at World Travel Protection, pictured, said: “As we’ve seen from recent floods and wildfires, nowhere is 100pc safe. Having expert help at the touch of a button can make a significant difference in the impact an incident has on travel disruption. If an assistance app is available, business travellers really should ensure it’s downloaded on their phone.”

According to the survey, only one in 20, 5pc of travellers say their organisation requires their travelling teams to use a travel assistance app. Organisations can improve utilisation rate and combat app fatigue by regularly sharing the benefits of a travel risk app with their travelling teams before departure, the firm adds.

About the survey

An online survey with 500 people, who travel for business at least once a year in the UK, ran in February.


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