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by Mark Rowe

Bright Business Advice specialise in helping businesses in the Fire & Security space to achieve their business goals and enjoy a better life. My name is Emerson Patton and I am the founder of Bright Business Advice. Every month, we will be giving you advice on how to completely transform your business via our 7-sector business accelerator model. This month, please enjoy our article on the model and how you can get it to work for your business!

The Bright 7 Sector Business Accelerator Model

When using this model to structure a business, I use the human body analogy because it is one of the best, most sophisticated, and most powerful interconnected systems that nature has designed. Humans dominate this planet. The model has been developed from my experience over the last fifteen years, and I use it to transform my client’s businesses into efficient and self-sustaining operations, that are highly profitable.


1 – Leadership

With this analogy, leadership is the head. It is here that you focus on the right brain for emotion, creativity, and connection. Here you develop your knowledge, use the eyes to see your vision, the mouth for communicating that vision and strategy to your team and the ears for listening so that you can engage better with your people. This all enables you to create a winning mindset that is crucial to leading a team. There is a world-renowned quote that sums up exactly what we are talking about here:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

This was written by Napoleon Hill In his 1937 book, Think & Grow Rich.

Leadership & management are the keystones of your business. The business is usually a direct reflection of the leader; a mirror of what is going on inside of their head, good and bad. As a Keystone it is the rock. The piece that holds everything else up. The main area is focussed on your ability to make good decisions based on the information you receive and, how you process it. Do you make snap decisions based on instinct or do you have a strategy where you ask yourself questions first?

Questions like: –

– How much emotion comes into play here?
– How does the information fit in with your vision?
– How will you communicate it to your customers?

The way we think is something that unites us all. The left side of the brain is the office, where the logical thinking happens and the right side is the playground, where your creativity runs free. The key to making those good decisions lies in getting them to work together as whole system. Persuading those thoughts to orbit around the brain and be considered by all sides.

The human body analogy is perfect for business because, they are both systems that work best when all their parts are aligned and run like a well-oiled machine.

2 – Management Sector

Staying with the head, this sector is about the Left brain and logic writing plans, monitoring, and improving your business systems and regularly reviewing what is and isn’t working. This is like physical training to build strength and definition, just like peak performance athletes do.


3 – Finance Sector

The torso – Just as the organs process our food into energy and waste, this is where we as a business process the incomings and outgoings. Financial operations convert our completed works into income and income into cashflow, which is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, your business will die.

We all know that food keeps us alive but it’s the quality of food that keeps our body working at optimal level and this is important in business too. Healthy eating, healthy practices. When you direct your focus on gaining and working with your ideal clients, it will keep your business healthy. You want those who pay on time and work in harmony with your values. These are your ideal clients and for your business to work at its best, you want to focus on attracting them.


4 – Operations and 5 – Human Resources (HR)

These are the support systems of the body and the business. Here you want to focus on training, skill and power to carry your business forward. Aim to build the legs of Mo Farah because winning gold was no accident for him.

But Mo did not do it alone. He had a coach and together they worked regularly and consistently to create systems and improve his odds by training, accountability, and review. That is exactly what we do with our clients. All those successful people in the world have a coach or mentor. They know it is one of the best things you can do for your business, but you have to get the right coach for you. Someone who understands your business as it’s experience that gets the desired results. There’s a reason why kings, queens, presidents, top athletes, and top businesspeople have coaches and that’s why they are where they are.

These legs that carry the business forward need defining, so it’s important to train them into a strong and powerful support system that can run both sprints and marathons.

Too many businesses are just limping along because they did not take the time to focus on and improve their Human Resources and Operations systems. Job descriptions, appraisals, performance management, recruitment, and culture development for instance, are simple things that can make a huge difference to your business. Combining them with mapping out your entire customer journey to identify the pitfalls, plug the leaks and recognise ways to improve efficiency, is what will give you the WOW factor in customer service

Your operations need to be clearly defined and working for all sides of the business, from the delivery of the product to the customer service. With HR, make sure you have the right team. Not having the right people in the right positions doing the right things, is where a lot of businesses fall. Get this right and your team will be engaged and motivated in their roles.

The environment you create for your team and the value and purpose associated with the culture, is so important. It is this that helps to keep people motivated and happy. It is also important because within the team is where you can create leadership tiers. This may seem like a small thing, but it does make a massive difference if you praise your people when they are doing well. It’s like rewarding your legs with a nice hot bath after completing that marathon because

a) It feels good
b) On a practical level, it will keep them working efficiently the next day, without seizing up.


6 – Marketing and 7 -Sales Sectors

Once you have a solid platform to work from, you can grow and the best way to do this, is with marketing and sales. These are the arms and just like the arms on our body, they are stronger together. Can you imagine climbing a mountain with just one arm? It could of course be done but it is much easier and safer with two.

Think of these like the hand gestures you use to welcome your clients and the hands that grab opportunities. Think about your existing customers; are you inviting them back with open arms? Treating them like old friends and handshaking on a deal? Or have you not engaged with them after that first sale and now they feel like a kid whose birthday you forgot? Failing to nurture existing customers is a classic 101 mistake. A good thing to remember is that it is approximately six to seven times cheaper to work with existing customers, than it is to attract new ones.

Look at the whole business as you would a mountain climber. They use their entire body to reach the top during the climb up the mountain.

Building your business is just like climbing that mountain. If you want to get to the top, you must train like an athlete and that is what the Bright 7 Sector Model is. A training system for your business that will train you and coach you to reach the summit.

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