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Freeze out car thieves

by Mark Rowe

Motorists ought not to leave vehicles unattended with engines running while de-icing them on frosty mornings. Two cars were stolen in this way on the night of December 2 across Greater Manchester, says GMP (Greater Manchester Police), and people are reminded that peak times for offences are between 7am and 9am on weekdays, when they are getting ready to set off for work. By following simple crime prevention advice the theft can be prevented, the authorities say.

GMP Crime Reduction Specialist Darron Tickle said: “Every winter on frosty mornings people leave vehicles with engines running while they go indoors to keep out of the cold. It’s therefore no surprise that when they go back outside their driveway is empty, as it only takes a few seconds to steal a car with keys left in the ignition. Motorists should also remember that if they do this then their insurance may be invalidated.

“It’s not only high-powered vehicles that are targeted, so our advice to all drivers is to stay with the vehicle when defrosting it, and if you need to leave the car then remove any valuables, close all windows, lock all doors and take the keys with you.”

There is now a range of pre-icer products that prevent ice and frost from building up on windscreens and windows, and police advise motorists to use one of these the night before.

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