Body worn camera at IFSEC 2018

by Mark Rowe

Edesix, the Body Worn Camera (BWC) company, is showing a new camera at IFSEC 2018 in June. The developers say that the VT-100 is a recording device designed for retail, lone worker and other public facing business uses. It is similar to the VT-50 incident recorder, with more durability and longer battery life.

The product can record up to four hours of continuous footage, streams live footage, and has a standby battery-life of up to three months, meaning users don’t need to worry about charging the device often. It also provides complementary audio and video capture of incidents when used as part of a larger body-worn and CCTV security function.

Richie McBride, CEO if Edesix said: “The beauty of this product is that it bridges the gap between the smaller incident recorder and the more powerful Body Worn Camera. The VT-100 will allow staff in public-facing roles, who are not always part of the security team, to create a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues. It offers a cost-effective, secure and practical approach to wearable security for incident recording and workflow management.”


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