Intercoms at IFSEC

by msecadm4921

The intercom product firm Commend UK at IFSEC 2012 – stand F53, Hall 4, will be exhibiting a ‘virtual’ software-based Intercom server – an addition to Commend’s Intercom 2.0 range, designed to help customers with the latest IT infrastructure.



Networks and their supporting IT infrastructure are becoming increasingly more complex and business critical. To keep IT operations manageable, many are opting to replace their hardware servers with ‘virtual’ software equivalents. In line with this trend the firm has devised a software-based intercom server that allows the full functionality of its Intercom technology but in a ‘virtual’ environment as Greg Gregoriou, Managing Director of Commend UK, says: “Software-based systems offer greater flexibility in terms of space, and can be more cost effective with lower operating costs and better usability. Although ‘virtual’, they maintain all of the performance and reliability of their hardware equivalents, and with low operating costs the server should attract plenty of attention.”  


Commend will also be showing its new generation visualisation software – ComWIN, which has been upgraded. ComWIM provides the front end to security and communications, allowing operators to stay informed and in charge of events, and providing insight so that they can react should an emergency arise. The developments have largely come about in response to customer demand, as Rory Martin, ComWIN Development Specialist, says: “In response to market demands, we have adapted ComWIN by understanding how people want to use it. This is why we have developed further features such as integrated video and greater animation to give them exactly what they want at a competitive price.”


Commend will be demonstrating the wireless capabilities of its intercoms, which overcome obstacles such as paved surfaces, or restrictions often encountered within challenging environments. When used with its intercom stations, the wireless unit has no need for hard-wired data cabling meaning that indoor and outdoor help points and emergency call stations can be placed where people actually need them, rather than where cabling dictates, and without the need for expensive civil works. With a wireless range of 50 metres within buildings and up to 300 metres outside, the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology means that the transmission providesspeech quality and 7 kHz intercom audio quality. 

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