IR-assisted cameras

by msecadm4921

Pixim Inc, a US maker of imaging technology for CCTV security cameras, announced that Genie CCTV Ltd, based in Hertfordshire, will be launching its new, Pixim Nightwolf-powered camera range during IFSEC 2012, at Birmingham. 


The firms say that cameras based on Nightwolf eliminate hot spots common to IR cameras and correctly expose highlights as well as darker background details simultaneously, aimed at the market for IR-assisted CCTV. Unlike typical IR-assisted analogue CCD cameras which attempt to solve the hot spot problem by either closing down a mechanical iris or dimming the infrared LED lights, Genie’s Nightwolf cameras are able it is claimed to capture both foreground and background details even in cases where very strong IR lighting is deployed. 


The IR-assisted cameras deliver colour images at 690 HTV lines effective. The cameras offer a dynamic range of 120 dB max capturing all of the critical details in a scene including highlights, shadows, and mixed lighting it is claimed. 


“IFSEC 2012 is the perfect launching pad for our new Nightwolf IR-assisted camera range,” says Steve Baker, managing director of Genie CCTV. “At the show, a large portion of the European security market will be able to see live demonstrations of Nightwolf. Anyone who has had to install or operate conventional IR-assisted cameras knows their shortcomings and will readily appreciate the quality video captured by Nightwolf.”


“Over the past 11 years, Genie has proven itself to be a manufacturer of well-designed and engineered security cameras,” adds David Beech, Pixim’s channel development director ˆ EMEA. “They are an ideal company to take Pixim’s Nightwolf solution and use it to develop unique IR-assisted cameras for the European market and beyond.”

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