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ID card issuing software

by Mark Rowe

Ultra Electronics ID, the manufacturer of Magicard ID card printers and identification products, has released TrustID, its latest ID card issuing software. This new software, which replaces Ultra’s Magicard ID software, is compatible with any stand-alone or networked desktop ID card printer. TrustID is available in three editions: the entry-level Classic, the enterprise-level Pro and Pro Smart for smart card issuance.

Ultra Electronics says that Trust ID’s intuitive, drag and drop interface requires no prior knowledge in design or the creation of databases, which makes it suitable the makers say to create and print secure identification cards in significantly less time than traditional card software.

Trust ID dynamically generates more than 60 types of barcodes including QR codes, Code 3 of 9 and UPC. Full barcode support comes standard with every edition. TrustID also gives users the ability to create dynamic text and color fields that modify aspects of the card design dynamically according to user data. Device support allows photo and fingerprint data capture from webcams, signature pads, fingerprint readers and Canon EOS RebelTM cameras.

The company says that TrustID simplifies data import with connections to Excel, SQL, dBASE, and Microsoft® Access databases. Integration is seamless using the visual database wizard. Just connect a database once to bring data into Trust ID, including photos.

The lead application manager John Honeysett said: “TrustID is a big step forward for anyone who needs to quickly design and issue cards. Our goal was to demystify card issuance and present an interface that any level of user can work with. The result is a product that is fast, simple and powerful – essentially it is card issuance software that anyone can easily use.”

Download a free trial of TrustID at


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