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Analytics deployment

by Mark Rowe

The detection and visual verification product company Xtralis announced Xchange, a proprietary tool. Xchange streamlines the licensing process and reduces overall installation time says the firm. Xtralis has sold over 26,000 channels of outside motion detection.

IntrusionTrace is an i-LIDS approved primary detection system for use in sterile zone monitoring. Now added are thermal camera support and more headlight suppression, and LoiterTrace, a detection analytic for unauthorised loitering, has been expanded to indoor and outdoor applications.

Dave Barker, Group Security & CCTV Leader of Pendragon, said: “Convergence, innovation and a flexible approach to the changing business needs of Pendragon were key to the development and implementation of a successful security strategy. Having 245 sites already installed with ADPRO throughout the UK, the ADPRO by Xtralis FastTrace 2/2X and IntrusionTrace package was the obvious choice when fulfilling the high end requirements for numerous dealerships across the UK. The IntrusionTrace video analytics platform is extremely easy to deploy via the online portal and provides us with a better class of complete site detection without nuisance alarms.”

LoiterTrace is a video analytic for real-time detection of unauthorised loitering in indoor and outdoor monitored areas. The analytic was designed for applications such as lobbies, ATMs, retail shops, car parks, parks, public transportation hubs, and multi-family housing complexes that are vulnerable to loitering threats such as aggressive begging, solicitation, drug dealing, homeless persons, aggressive behaviour, unauthorised loitering, vandalism and graffiti. These applications prove challenging as they often share spaces that transition from outside to inside, hence it’s important that the analytic can operate indoor and outdoors and adapt to fast and slow changing backgrounds.

Larry Dolin, Founder and CEO of American Security, said: “We’ve had great success with LoiterTrace detecting unauthorised loitering and suspicious behaviour inside & directly outside the lobbies of over 100 multi-family housing complexes that we secure throughout New York and New Jersey. With over 35 years of experience in securing challenging applications such as high-density housing complexes, critical infrastructure, and high-rise office complexes we chose ADPRO FastTrace 2 and LoiterTrace for 2 key reasons.

“Xtralis is known for its reliability and analytics expertise, and that is demonstrated time and again in the reliable detection we see with LoiterTrace both indoors and outdoors. Secondly, it’s easy to deploy. My installers have reduced their overall installation time by 10 per cent to 20pc, since licenses can be remotely deployed and configured,” added Dolin.

Xchange, an evolution of the licensing system, also enables automatic download for the latest version of FastTrace 2/2X firmware, version 2.9 and when used with VideoCentral Platinum (VCP) 2.5 customers experience quicker connection times and lower bandwidth use, the makers claim.

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