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by Mark Rowe

A service to protects mobile phone conversations from being intercepted by hackers, from Southampton based Emerald Telecom, is ‘’ .
In the wake of the News of the World scandal, mobile phone users can now purchase a service with military strength encryption, to protect confidential calls.

Patrick Robinson, CEO of Emerald Technology Group, said: “Up until the advent of this service, mobile phone calls have been incredibly simple to intercept. But this service will make a significant dent in the organised criminal elements that profit from hacking private information. It is already widely being used in the UK by high profile figures including Premier League footballers and other celebrities, to ensure 100% protection,” Mr Robinson said.

The SiRRAN Encrypted Core Technology encrypts, monitors and transports secure communications. It is according to the firm used by intelligence agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security.

Mr Robinson added: “When travelling abroad, to areas considered high-risk, there’s no security, making your mobile calls wide open to interception, when roaming on another network. But with this service the connection is invisible to phone hackers, and even if it was visible, its military grade encryption makes it impossible to intercept your conversations.”

“The threat of voice interception is not an ‘if’, it is ‘a when, where and by whom?’” Mr Robinson warned.

Most long distance telephone communications go over the air waves, and any signals in the air can be easily intercepted using very cheap radio components.

Methods used by hackers include:

• Sniffing: Intercepting wireless data that is being broadcast on an unsecured network
• Spoofing: Using a homemade mobile phone tower antenna to spoof itself as a legitimate GSM network to intercept all outgoing calls
• Backhaul interception: Using microwave links to intercept calls

SiRRAN’s Secure Mobile has been named as a finalist in at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards 2013 at London’Olympia, on Wednesday April 24 and Thursday, April 25.

SiRRAN Communications will be supporting Emerald Technology Group on Stand B20 in the Cyber Security zone. For further information, visit:

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