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Lone worker product for estate agent

by Mark Rowe

Gallant Richardson, a Colchester estate agent, used to rely on verbal code words and workers carrying personal alarms when off-site, whether travelling between properties and seeing clients. The company felt that was unreliable to safeguard staff, and sought a product fit for use in the office and remotely.

The agency has rolled out the app and cloud-based monitoring service StaySafe. It tracks a lone worker’s location via GPS and alerts their manager if an employee triggers an alert or they do not check-in within a specified time.

Tim Wade, manager at Gallant Richardson says: “The whole StaySafe system is very easy to use and has provided us a great solution in making sure our lone workers are safe. StaySafe’s unique features such as the man down alerts and the tailored check in options allow us to monitor our workers and be aware in the case of an emergency. We now feel assured that we will be alerted whenever our lone workers are in need of help. Having a solution that was easy to implement was a priority for us so that our employees were open to making the change from our more traditional methods. StaySafe definitely matched this criteria, the app was easy to download and users found the software easy to manoeuvre.”

About StaySafe

StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which tracks employee location via GPS or satellite and alerts their employer if they do not check-in within a specified time. The app offers functions including panic button, check-in, man-down and duress alerts.



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