by msecadm4921

Author: Wensley Clarkson

ISBN No: 184018 744 1

Review date: 14/06/2024

No of pages: 231

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing. London

Publisher URL:

Year of publication: 11/09/2012


Ken Rogers praises a book about a notorious gangland man ... Ken from his police days having met a number of the criminals discussed.

This is a well written and researched book on Jimmy Moody without doubt up to that time Britain’s most notorious hit man. Moody was well known to the Yard and his association with criminals such as the well known Richardsons from South London and other South London criminals including the Great Train Robbers. The author goes into much detail on the life of Moody, his jail break and association with the IRA and other vicious criminals and his life on the Costa del Nick. Various sides of Moody are disclosed including the love for his wife and family. His background in south London should be a warning to others to avoid becoming involved in crime – a life that can lead to imprisonment violence and finally murder. He had made so many enemies it is not known who was responsible. The author then refers to the war of revenge then took place resulting in further murders.

This is an unusual book as the author Wensley Clarkson has, in my opinion taken chances in delving into the vicious underworld surrounding Moody and his associates. Much interviewing well known criminals and their associates has resulted in this study of Moody and other criminals. I consider from my experience having served on the Flying Squad and the Organised Crime Squad at Scotland Yard that these accounts in Moody are as accurate as they can be. The author is to be congratulated on this publication that I could not put down until I read the last page.
Ken was the youngest officer to have served on the Flying Squad up to and during the time of the Great Train Robbery – the author refers to Tommy Butler in charge of this enquiry telling Ken to look carefully at the Great Train Robbers as they were sentenced, as they would soon be over the wall!


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