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Chemical ID

by msecadm4921

GE Security, Inc’s Homeland Protection business has introduced StreetLab Mobile. It’s described as a next generation device that identifies unknown substances.

The Raman Spectroscopy-based device’s chemical substance identification capability will soon be complemented by the addition of biological substance identification capability, GE adds. The biological identification upgrade is expected to make StreetLab Mobile a combined chem-bio detector.

StreetLab Mobile is handheld and portable. It will be able to identify a broad range of chemical and biological substances in liquid, powder and solid forms when later completed with the bio component. Presently, the product is capable of identifying more than 1000 potentially dangerous chemicals, including toxic industrial substances such as formaldehyde and liquid and solid explosives, as well as the chemical components of common explosives. It can also identify chemicals such as Cresol and Benzene, exposure to which can have serious health consequences.

Using Raman Spectroscopy for data capture and analysis, StreetLab Mobile consumes little or no substance sample and it is claimed makes it easy for the operator to understand and share results. The handheld unit uses extended-range wireless technology allowing first responders to deliver results from the field to tactical commanders at remote command centers. Using Raman Spectroscopy, StreetLab Mobile identifies substances based on their molecular structure. Raman technology works by analysing the interactions of light with the sample’s chemical bonds, allowing a sample to be analysed without being consumed or destroyed in most cases.

“With the introduction of StreetLab Mobile, GE Security now offers emergency responders a handheld solution that can deliver fast, accurate identification results straight from the hot zone for a growing library of substances," said Dennis Cooke, president and CEO, GE Security’s Homeland Protection business. “StreetLab Mobile was developed based on significant input from first responders and is designed to help them better protect their communities.”

“First responders need convenient, easy-to-use, real time identification capabilities at hand on the scene when dealing with chemical and biological emergencies,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst David Fishering. “StreetLab Mobile can be on the scene with first responders giving them the information they can use to assess, react and respond to an emergency in a matter of seconds.”

The StreetLab Mobile chemical identification unit is available in the EMEA region. These units will be upgradeable to dual mode versions when the biological substance identification capability becomes available later this year. For more information about GE Security, visit –

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