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Firmware Upgrades

by msecadm4921

Video Communication Systems AG have announced two new firmware upgrades enabling all their 100 and 400 products to use MPEG-4 transmission and giving their VideoJets digital recording.

The new firmware version 6.00 enables all 100 series products, including the C100 professional IP camera and the VideoJet models 100 and 400, to use MPEG-4 standard transmission. This offers greater compression efficiency and lower bandwidth requirements, even for 704 x 288 pixel, high quality data, the makers report. This firmware upgrade also enables 100 series products to communicate with the VideoJet 1000 and 8000, and supports operation using VCS?s VIDOS management software, for control of large and complex digital surveillance systems. Firmware version 6.10 provides VCS?s VideoJet 100 and 400 single and 4-channel codecs with a range of digital video recording (DVR) functions. You can display a recorded sequence by clicking the time line, and save excerpts and snapshots to the hard disk by pressing a button – without interrupting recording. A range of available recording modes, including ring and timed modes, are provided to support applications in any kind of WAN and LAN-based security application. All settings and analyses can be accessed and configured from a standard browser in a local network or via a VCS software decoder. The new firmware versions 6.00 and 6.10 retain all previous capabilities.

Other features

Other new features include: personalised user interface; alarm tracing and system alarm tracking; multicasting using IGMP V2 standard, and access via TCP (Port 80), as well as additional control protocols for Sensormatic and Ultrak. The VideoJet 400?s automatic alarm connection facility can trigger automatic connection with up to four IP addresses. In an access control system for example, this means that the door bell on each floor of a four-storey building can be allocated its own address, so that when one is pressed the VideoJet establishes a connection with the camera on the appropriate floor. Current users can download the new firmware update free from the VCS website

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