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Glowing Barrier

by msecadm4921

A bollard that automatically rises, flexes and even glows in the dark has been launched by APT Security Systems, vehicular access control product company.

The new Flex-Lux bollard is believed to be the only product of its kind that can automatically rise and flex such that it gently bends on impact without causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle or the bollard. The bollard returns to an upright position after impact and retracts in the usual way. It also has the advantage of being illuminated, not just at the top but along its length thus extending the bollard’s use still further as Managing Director, Chris Rowlands says.

“The excellent response to the original Flex bollard has allowed us to look at different variants, and the demand for an automatic rising bollard, rather than a static one, that could not only bend, but also be programmed to glow in the dark, was overwhelming. We believe there is nothing like it in the market today, and that it fills an enormous void that has been seriously lacking in recent years.”

When a ‘traditional’ bollard is hit, the impact is not just physical, it is also financial, even in a minor incident, Chris adds: “The new product is more visible in lower light levels and if hit will help to avoid the disproportionate damage to either the vehicle or our bollard that you would usually expect,” he says.

Flex-Lux is manufactured from a patented blend of materials, featuring a UV resistant surface coating with a range of different colour options. Like the rest of the Flex range it is the makers say suited to lower risk scenarios, where the emphasis is on protecting more substantial barriers. They are also the makers add suited to denoting parking areas, pedestrianisation schemes and other zones where a perimeter needs to be clearly defined.

“We are now actively seeking distributors for the product in the UK and Ireland,” Chris adds, “and look forward to taking the product to market.”

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