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by msecadm4921

Growth in use of CCTV domes at the expense of traditional box cameras in recent years has emphasised what an important surveillance tool these products are, report manufacturers SENKOADL.

However, while compact domes are suitable for general surveillance they are often found wanting in applications such as casino gaming tables and cash counting areas, it is claimed. Here, the end user needs close up detail but space is at a premium. The camera must be either covert or at least discreet, and full-size domes can be too bulky and intrusive, according to the firm.

SENKOADL, who have a European HQ in Berkshire, offer a solution with an aspherical 18~50mm board camera lens, one of the first board format zoom units for use in compact dome cameras.

The focal length of the lens far exceeds that of rival manufacturers, it is claimed, and means installers and end-users can opt for compact domes where full-size assemblies have been the norm. Compact domes and other board camera assemblies will deliver image quality using SENKOADL’s high-resolution Japanese lens technology and extraordinary low dispersion (ELD) glass.

Applications are numerous, the makers add. The lens has potential for installers working in any environment where the camera needs to be ceiling-mounted and the subject for observation is small, it is claimed. In addition to gaming halls, till areas in retail outlets are an obvious market sector, the makers add.

The size of the lens (ø29 x 45.6mm) makes discreet rather than overt camera usage possible in many locations and brings a focal length associated with conventional domes to the compact market, the firm says. This can mean that the assembly is less prone to attack and accidental damage and less intrusive in historic environments where aesthetics need to be preserved, it is claimed.

The units have IR correction to accommodate the focus shift when switching from white to infra-red light. There is also an IR cut filter option which ensures realistic colours under daylight.

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