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by msecadm4921

Electrified perimeter systems manufacturer Harper Chalice Group and security and communications system developer Europlex have formed a strategic partnership.

The firms report they have both developed products which are rated at the maximum Class 4 level, under the SEAP Standard 5200. This rating places Harper Chalice and Europlex among a select group of companies at the top end of the industry; only Class 4 systems can be specified for the highest-risk sites such as economic key points, military and Government establishments, top secret facilities and nuclear installations.

What they say

Graham Harper, Managing Director of Harper Chalice, said: “Together we can now offer a total security solution, from the perimeter to the fully integrated building and security management systems.” The Class 4 rating covers Harper Chalice’s PulseSecure and FenceSecure perimeter systems and the Europlex’s 3GS secure data highway which allows users to operate multiple functions over a single, ring-based cable infrastructure. With 3GS, users can combine the various security functions (from control and monitoring of perimeter systems, access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, wireless panic alarms and BMS etc) with general control and management functions. The 3GS system can be stand alone or IP networked. The 3GS system will allow users to remotely control the PulseSecure and FenceSecure systems and their advanced functions including the arming and disarming of each detection zone, the electronic remote testing of each zone, total integration with CCTV or other monitoring/alert systems. and the provision of a real time event and user log. For all types of installation from the highest security risks to normal commercial risks the combination of the partnership between monitoring and control capability provided by 3GS and the PulseSecure and FenceSecure systems, delivers the user many major operational advantages. Europlex Managing Director Mike Brosnan said: “Harper Chalice and Europlex have formed a powerful partnership offering the highest capabilities. Our technologies will link seamlessly together to provide a formidable integrated system that can be applied to all types of risk up to and including the Highest Security specification SEAP Class 4.”

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