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Telemetry Transmitter

by msecadm4921

Bewator has launched the Coaxialator, a combined coaxial telemetry transmitter and protocol converter.

Each unit accepts multi-protocol RS485 telemetry commands from up to two control sources and converts the command string to Bewator coaxial telemetry. The LCD screen offers board test and diagnostic facilities. An integral USB port is configured to accept commands from Bewator’s Eventys digital management range or any third party PC front end delivering a supported protocol. Each product has four controllable monitor outputs. Two of these have programmable on-screen text, providing additional analogue spot monitor outputs which are often missing from DVRs, the manufacturer reports.

Connected cameras can be switched to any of these monitors using a suitable DVR or control keyboard.

What they say

Bewator Video Systems Specialist, Jon Hill said: “To date, coaxial control of Bewator camera heads (including our SOLARIS dome) has been restricted to our own proprietary matrix control solutions. Equivalent digital control solutions, such as our Eventys DVR, are fast becoming common place in modern security systems. However, digital control systems often support just one twisted pair telemetry output, which limits the installer’s choice when upgrading or installing coaxial based security systems. The Coaxialator removes this limitation in many cases. In addition, the priority communication feature of Coaxialator means that up to two control sources can be used at the same time. The obvious example is a manned control room in conjunction with a remote DVR client. Both have access to camera control either on a ‘first come, first served’ or priority managed basis. Conversely, the use of our camera head technology, though desirable, is often restricted by legacy coaxial based control systems. Again, the Coaxialator removes this restriction in many cases, allowing the installer to upgrade existing camera locations to Bewator.”

The diagnostics function enables full on site test and verification of all circuitry within the unit. The LCD ‘line video’ mode enables verification of each video source without the need for a hand held monitor. Up to 16-channel units (32 control sources) can be connected together (with independent address settings), to facilitate system expansion, the makers add. “As with all Bewator products, the Coaxialator has been designed with both installers and end users in mind. We pride ourselves on offering our customers highly functional, flexible and reliable products that are simple to use and easily integrated with other security systems,” Jon added.

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