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by msecadm4921

As an expansion to an IP CCTV project throughout Bangkok, supporting 3000 cameras, phase two of the project is now under way, with 8,000 cameras managed by manufacturer Mirasys’ Carbon VMS platform throughout the Thai capital.

Carbon VMS allows the cameras to be managed from within the centralised locations of Bangkok’s 88 police stations. The number of cameras managed by the system will eventually reach 20,000. The release below details Mirasys’s configurable and user friendly platform allows Bangkok to take a targeted approach to CCTV monitoring in line with their diverse surveillance requirements, which range from crime prevention to traffic monitoring.

Phase one of the CitySafe implementation saw 3000 cameras installed throughout the Bangkok region and phase two has developed this into a citywide increase of 5,000 cameras, simultaneously raising the number of users who will require access to the cameras and their footage from the hundreds to the thousand. This means that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have benefitted significantly from the virtually limitless scaling capabilities of the Mirasys Carbon VMS platform. In its final stage, the number of cameras implemented for CitySafe which are supported by the Mirasys Carbon VMS will rise to 20,000.

The diverse monitoring requirements of the CitySafe project has required a series of high-definition IP and analogue cameras from ten manufacturers, which has been accommodated by the open and non-proprietary functionality of the Carbon VMS. Through algorithms that filter out non-relevant feeds and trigger real-time response alarms to critical incidents, the Carbon VMS now allows the Bangkok city police force to have a greater level of control over their management of footage the product firm says.

“In order to improve safety and security for all of Bangkok the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has used Mirasys Carbon VMS to create an intelligent and highly scalable surveillance infrastructure which will allow improved security across the city,” said Noppadol Sukhmol, Country Manager for Mirasys Thailand. “CitySafe is a wide-reaching project with specific security demands. This project has been, and will continue to be, an excellent experience for Mirasys as the company gains momentum in the Asian markets.”

Jukka Riivari, Chief Executive Officer at Mirasys went on: “Mirasys has wide-ranging experience in city monitoring implementations. Mirasys Carbon VMS offers the ideal solution for high-input surveillance systems, such as those required for the scale of city surveillance required in the CitySafe project, being intelligent and easily integratable. The CitySafe project has been a perfect example of how scalability and flexibility at the implementation level can deliver great results, both with regards to ease of use at a user level, and providing security and the efficiency within the city.”

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