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Vacant Property Rebrand

by msecadm4921

VPS, a provider of vacant property services and security, has announced key changes to the company’s senior management team and its intention to rebrand as VPS (The Vacant Property Specialists).

The company adds that the announcement comes at a time when vacant property is affecting six-tenths of property owners and managers in the UK, France and USA. Income is sighted as the biggest issue, but in the UK most are worried about security and compliance with insurance.

The restructure brings VPS operations in the UK, US and Europe under one ‘umbrella brand’; the aim, to drive greater strategic focus through a global brand.

Mark Silver has been appointed VPS Group CEO and will assume overall leadership responsibility for VPS’s various businesses around the world. Chris Bates has been appointed as VPS Group CFO. Peter Glanville has been appointed as Group Supply Chain Manager VPS Group, responsible for leading the fleet and purchasing departments and international depot network. Joanne Bacon is appointed as VPS Group Human Resources Director.

Three divisional Managing Directors have been appointed: Nick Tubbs, Managing Director, VPS UK, Olivier Testaert, Managing Director, VPS France, and John O’Leary, CEO, VPS Inc, USA.

There have been new appointments at a functional level with Olivier Ansiaux, appointed as European Marketing Director, based in France, John Wright, National Accounts Director, and Nick Haycock, Sales and Marketing Director.

In the UK, Safe Estates will migrate to VPS. This is expected to be completed by March 31.

Commenting on the changes

VPS Group CEO, Mark Silver, said: “We’re at a critical time in a market where weak occupier demand means an average of 84 per cent of property managers are expecting vacant property to increase or remain at current levels during 2011. This leaves them not only facing significant risks and costs associated with all types of vacant property, but buildings that can negatively impact on local communities. Our new direction will enable us to operate VPS more effectively as a Group under one recognisable brand and build an even stronger customer offering to help customers control the cost of vacancy and mitigate the associated risks.

“We have ambitious development plans and I’m delighted to have such a strong team in place to continue to unite and grow our business on a global scale. This holistic approach will redefine how we interact with our customers and our position as market leader. By leveraging greater value from the scale of VPS across our geographical locations we will be recognised globally, whilst delivering our services locally”, adds Silver.

VPS guide to protecting vacant property

Facility and security managers can take the following steps to ensure their property is well protected:

§ You are required by law to inform your insurer immediately when your property becomes vacant. They may have specific requirements to ensure you are properly covered

§ Have a professional security survey/inspection completed to assess potential risks, such as fire hazards and public liability exposure

§ Isolate the power and gas supplies and drain down your water systems to avoid flooding

§ Install a letter box seal to prevent arsonists setting fire to the property. A build up of mail is also a vital clue that a property is empty

§ Clear the unit making sure to remove any combustible material

§ Secure the property with a permanent security officer and/or an alarm (which includes passive infrared smoke detectors and water detectors) and where required steel fittings to windows and doors

§ Instigate a minimum weekly inspection both internally and externally – as required by most insurance providers.

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