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by msecadm4921

Vigilant has launched NetView Control Centre, an IP-based video management software system.

According to the makers, the product provides a "virtual" matrix, event handling and video decoding capabilities. <br><br>NetView is a replacement for legacy analogue matrices, the manufacturers say. As a software-based application, it can provide multiple monitor capability via any PC on a network. Security staff can select and view live video or retrieve recorded images via a PC keyboard/mouse, although one of the key features built into the product, the firm adds, is the ability to operate with a traditional CCTV keyboard joystick.<br><br>What they say<br><br>&quot;The feedback from customers is that security personnel like the familiarity and ease of use of a standard CCTV keyboard that has a joystick,&quot; said Mark Novak, Commercial Director of Vigilant Technology UK. &quot;Training time is reduced, productivity is increased and operators are more likely to take full advantage of the systems extensive functionality.&quot;<br><br>NetView can be configured to display video from an unlimited number of cameras on one, four, nine or 16 way split video screens across as many monitors as may be required for a given application. PTZ cameras can be manually controlled or programmed to display in pre-set tours or salvo modes. <br><br>The event handling capability of the product can be set up to automatically provide users with any combination of audible and visual alarms, messages and/or email messages when an incident occurs. NetView also has Vigilant’s audio decoding functionality. <br>

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