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Wallet Survey

by msecadm4921

Men are leaving themselves vulnerable to ID fraud from what they carry around in their wallet and pockets, it is claimed.

An Equifax survey revealed that 91pc of men carry their credit and debit cards with them at all times, compared with 80pc of women.

Some 35pc of men carry receipts, 11pc National Insurance numbers and 69pc their driving licence, providing enough information for any would-be fraudster to steal an identity. While many people may argue these items are a necessity in the modern world, Equifax is urging consumers to only carry around what’s vital for the day. Many consumers surveyed keep hold of receipts in case they need to return items, however Equifax stresses the need to keep these safe at home until they are required.

“Our personal information is worth a small fortune. Yet, according to our survey, men are carrying around enough information in their wallet to leave them extremely vulnerable to fraud – anything from driving licences, receipts and bank account details. The fact is many fraudsters are opportunists, preying on people who carry all this valuable information around – if a wallet is stolen it might not just be for the cash and quick use of the credit cards. The other information in it could be much more valuable," says Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax.

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