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Operation Tarian, the all Wales policing unit set up to combat the problems of class A drugs and Organised Crime Groups was launched on March 22 at South Wales Police Headquarters in Bridgend.

Operation Tarian was launched in August 2002. Since then significant advances have been made, say police, and the unit now boasts a new law enforcement approach in not only tackling organised crime groups and drugs, but also, tackling crime, drug abuse, and those who have accumulated wealth through criminal activity. These areas are not a major threat in Wales, however Wales does not want to envisage the problem seen by other major cities facing difficulties with Organised Crime Groups and drugs.
As part of Operation Tarian, the new approach brings together a new working relationship with the National Crime Intelligence Service, The Regional Task Force and the Regional Asset Recovery Team, with supporting agencies such as Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise, the National Crime Squad, the Crown Prosecution Service, Inland Revenue, the Asset Recovery Agency, and the UK Immigration Service. This set up not only allows police to imprison criminals, but to dismantle Organised Crime Groups, break down the barriers of crime, thereby preventing such criminals from profiting from crime. This new structure will target those criminals who operate in the middle market, say police.
What they say
Detective Superintendent Des James, who co-ordinates the unit, said of the launch: "The law enforcement opportunities provided within the new structure are very exciting and places Wales at the cutting edge of the fight against Organised Crime Groups and the evil they bring. The emphasis of the unit will be focused on those involved in middle market activity and will include the ability to strip criminals of their money and other assets. The joint intelligence provided by not only the police but by all the law enforcement partners will ensure a truly joint approach for the future.

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