Qualities of a Good Security Guard

by msecadm4921

Many businesses and events need security guards these days to protect them from potential threats and help handle emergencies. If you run a store or a hotel, if you have an office building or a warehouse, or if you organize an event, you definitely need support from a security agency. The role of a security guard is to protect people’s lives and properties by preventing threats and resolving issues. Their job is challenging and requires a lot of motivation. Thus it’s not always easy to find good security guards. One might expect that with technological development and excellent surveillance equipment, the tasks of a security guard may be done by the system, but it’s not the case. The human factor is still indispensable.

In Angleside, we are doing our best to provide our clients with a first-class service; that’s why our team of security guards consists of well-trained and professional employees. Apart from experience, there are also certain qualities we are looking for in a person that wants to work as a guard. These are the essential traits that every member of our team needs to possess.

Observation skills

A significant part of the security guards’ workday is to observe if there is anything suspicious happening on the premises of a company or event they work for. They need to be focused and alert all the time. Excellent observation skills allow them to notice irregularities and decide what the right reaction is. The key is to see the change in the surroundings and determine whether it’s serious and requires support from management or public services. A security guard’s reaction must be quick and efficient. It’s also crucial for a good security guard to pay attention to details and stay vigilant to any safety breaches or dangerous behaviour.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are not qualities that can be learned, so any employer highly appreciates them. Security officers work independently, without permanent employer control, and are responsible for securing valuable properties. In some cases, they restrict access to the building or the event, and in consequence, play a key role in maintaining safety in these places. So they have to be trustworthy and reliable.

It’s challenging to check the honesty and integrity of a person when recruiting them for a job. These are qualities that are only visible after working with a guard for some time. However, to reduce risk, security agencies do thorough background checks before they employ someone.

Ability to lead and work in a team

It’s quite often for security guards to work in a group, so a teamwork spirit is a quality each of them should possess. Effective cooperation leads to the best results and has a direct impact on safety standards. It’s also essential when security guards have to work with public services such as firefighters, police officers, or medical staff.

Strong leadership quality is another trait of an excellent security guard. Contrary to popular opinion, the ability to lead is closely related to teamwork skills. They are actually complementary, as every team or even a task needs a leader who will manage it. The ability to lead is also required for crowd management and any kind of emergency where security guards need to guide people through a dangerous situation.

Communication skills and empathy

Good communication skills are priceless in every aspect of a security guard’s job. They are necessary when the guards work in a team, cooperate with emergency services, resolve issues at work, and even in everyday contact with their colleagues and managers. In every situation that includes contact with other people, security guards have to be respectful and empathetic. The ability to talk to people and understand their point of view can be a key to solve even the most complicated issues and, in consequence, prevent many threats. In fact, in most cases, calmness and courteous conversation is the most effective solution.

However, excellent communication skills are not only helpful in case of emergencies. A security guard is often representing the company being the first person that a customer or a business partner sees. So it’s also vital that they are friendly, professional, and ready to help or simply give information and directions.

Conciliatory attitude

Even though security guards are always prepared for the worst scenarios, their goal should be to de-escalate any tense situation and prevent potential threats. That’s why, as a security agency, we want to hire guards that can always remain calm and keep a cool head, no matter the issue. It’s especially important when they work in crowded places where the risk of conflict is much higher.

Security guards often have to interact with different kinds of people. Some of them may try to provoke them into discussion or even insult them. However, no matter what happens, a conciliatory attitude is expected from a guard in every situation. They have to be able to work under pressure and should put safety first.

Hard-working and flexible

Being a security guard is hard work. It’s challenging and requires varied skills. In Angleside, we provide our customers with various services, from protecting a warehouse or a retail business to securing an event. So we need our guards to be flexible and ready to perform different duties. And while on the job, they have to be able to do multiple tasks. Each of the services we offer includes a wide range of responsibilities, from patrolling, to door supervision, to operating surveillance equipment and reporting. A good security guard should be hard-working and self-motivated to improve his skills continuously.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is a quality that everybody can have, they just need to work on it regularly. A security guard should be physically fit, as their job entails many physical challenges. It may include patrolling large areas, staying up all night, or chasing a thief. Being in a good health condition positively affects guards’ quick reactions and helps them stay focused at work.

Security officers should exercise regularly and care about their diet because only then will they be able to defend themselves and ensure the safety of others in case of emergencies.

A good security guard needs to have the knowledge and experience necessary for this job. But there are also certain qualities that he should possess if he wants to perform guards’ tasks better. These include honesty, integrity, and observation skills. Communication skills, empathy, and conciliatory attitude are essential, too, as they help security guards effectively resolve issues and prevent threats. In Angleside, we also value hard-working and motivated people that are flexible and can work in a team. Thanks to our high standards, we employ the best people that can successfully protect any business, property, or event.

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