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BC Conference

by msecadm4921

The BCM World Conference and Exhibition is aimed at business continuity practitioners across a variety of areas. A free to attend exhibition of over 50 stands incorporates a number of seminars and opportunities for vendors to showcase their products and services.

It’s on November 8 and 9 at London Olympia. <br><br>As business continuity management becomes even more critical with the continuing fragile economic climate causing further uncertainty within organisations, organisers say that with the increasing threat of terrorist attacks, technological and supply chain failures, the BCM World conference and exhibition brings together individuals from all over the globe who work to reduce the disruption of these events to learn and share their experiences.<br><br>The conference is looking at the fundamentals of business continuity through the six stages of the BCM lifecycle, focussing in depth through case studies and panel discussions on topics such as: Dealing with Organisational Change; The Future of Products and Services; Standards and Measurement; and taking BC to the next level by bringing together leading practitioners, consultants, analysts and academics to map out future possible directions of BCM and define its applications.<br><br>Topics at the conference include crisis management, resilience and the supply chain. To download the conference programme visit –

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